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01 February 2020 @ 04:21 pm

It is about time that I started to friends lock this journal 8D; *didn't know what that meant until 2 months ago* Anywho, if you would like to become a friend of a loser like me and read all about my fangirlism and bitchiness and see some of my lame graphics, just leave a comment and I'll add you back and then we can go get sum starbawks and eat cookehs together. 8D
14 May 2009 @ 07:35 pm
SID icons! XD too many aki ones. i've been addicted to listening to them lately...  mao don't give me that creepy look ;-;Collapse )
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I did this yesterday. It feels like I haven't done a manipulation in a long time. Muh first time painting realistic skin 8D *Had to add the text to cover up the mistakes XD*  DON'T click the cut if you absolutely hate slash pairings!! Cause it's a bit risque.
A cut for the ghei manip.Collapse )

23 January 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Yep, I'm sure we've all experienced that feeling of finding a drop dead grogeous scan or picture that's in black and white D: WTF. Not that black and white photos are ugly, but color's reuhlly naisu too. And those neo genesis scans were really awesome~ So i colored the very popular scan of Shou today, and it involved making him look like THIS (OMSWTFMYEYES) Very sexy right??? /fapfapfap

But that wasn't magical enough so i added the extra oomph to turn that into THIS:

It was like putting makeup on him. Click it for a bigger version. :D

Credits to alice9gotgame for providing that original scan.

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07 January 2009 @ 11:03 pm
*drool drool*
XD; okay it kinda looked off so i had to add a weird paper texture to it.. omfg fail!!

CLICK the picture for a bigger version :D

feel free to use it for anything you want :D

btw, does anyone know where this pic came from? i ninjaed it from someone's journal a long time ago and idk where the full scans are (if there are any) xD;

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